McAfee Customer Service Number +1-800-329-1074

Do you need support for your PC, especially for your software McAfee, but do not know where to turn?

In this guide we explain how to contact McAfee customer service number ​through the hotline and other tools provided by the company.

Who constantly dealing with computers has inevitably taken advantage of products designed and marketed by McAfee service provider. The company is in fact one of the most famous companies engaged in the development of programs for computer security. Founded in 1987, the company quickly became the global benchmark in business-related IT services sector. After having expanded its fame in the US territory, in 1997 the company decided to merge with Network General, specializing in the analysis of computer networks.

In the same year, McAfee effected a merger with Dr. Solomon's Software and initiated the development of an engine for the virus. Subsequently, the company also acquired TIS, Trusted information System, a company specialized in developing firewall, casting that allowed McAfee to enrich its range of IT in the business service sector and beyond. Another important step taken by the company dates back to 2003, with the acquisition of IntruVert Network, which owns the IPS Module, Intrusion Prevent System, through which McAfee has been able to develop a global security system of computer networks.

With this acquisition, in 2006 McAfee launches its new integrated program with the Internet Security package McAfee Site Advisor, a tool that lets you analyze the sites where browsing and has the ability to alert you if the site you are visiting is comply or there is a risk to the user. To answer all customer questions, McAfee provides a comprehensive customer service.

How to talk to an operator via the toll-McAfee

Contact McAfee Technical support service via the official website

The official website is another very useful tool for those who need to contact McAfee help Number. It turns out to be in fact possible to refer to the section dedicated to customer service on the official site. This section provides several useful tools.

To begin, in this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions from customers. The section is very comprehensive and can solve many problems quickly.

If the information does not help solve your problem, you can open a support request via this page. Before you open the application it is necessary to register on the site.

Then there is a section through which you can download updates of the programs offered by the company.

Very useful, there are also the forum made available by McAfee, which you can often find information about problems that may arise during the programs.

Contacting McAfee customer service through social networks

McAfee is also present on social networks. Through the pages of Facebook and Twitter you can be informed in respect of all the most important news from the company.

In addition, the customer will have at his disposal even the service of Customer Support, a useful tool for help and support via free online chat, the forum of the community and telephone technical support.