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McAfee Support Number

The world of technology is now facing a very dangerous trouble which is virus. The virus is basically an infection which several forms such as spyware, malware, adware, Trojans and more. But whenever a problem takes up form, the IT sector evolves. The antivirus program is true examples of innovation and creation of IT brains. There are several brands offering antivirus programs, but the security, features, and interface of McAfee are unbeatable.

McAfee is trending the most but we usually ignore the fact that updates are essential aspects to maintain your antivirus. Antivirus has to face several nasty virus, Trojans, malware, spyware and other infections, therefore avoiding an update can cause great loss to your device and data. So one must keep the McAfee antivirus up-to-date and for any concern, one can get in touch with McAfee Helpline Number.

Here we are addressing the most common concern of McAfee users that how to update McAfee antivirus.

Step 1:

Go to the Start menu of your computer, and then select “McAfee Security Center” from the list of programs.

Step 2:

Now on the main screen of McAfee antivirus one can find the all related information such as updates, firewalls, and the subscription plan you are using. Now using the “Update” link, check for the all latest updates and explore the options of the right corner of the screen. Now go to the “Check for updates” and you can see can all the latest updates.

Step 3:

Now, wait for the updates to finish. The best part is you can simultaneously do the work you are doing by keeping the installation in the background.

Updating the McAfee antivirus with.DAT file:

  • You need to select the file first for your McAfee AV version.
  • Create a new folder on the desktop.
  • Now download the XDAT file in the folder from the official site of McAfee.
  • Double tap on the XDAT file to update the antivirus.
  • Follow the prompts of Wizard panel.
  • The following things will happen on the antivirus after this:


  • Stop the functioning of the DAT files you are using and unloads the McAfee memory-resident software.
  • Now copy the file to the relevant program directories.
  • Now restart the tool and let it scan and replace the DAT files with the new one.

It is recommended never to miss an update release and be certain that all update is successfully installed or else the corrupted or damaged files can cause damaged to your antivirus. One can contact the McAfee Support Number to get technical assistance for installation, updating or any other issues related to your McAfee antivirus. Be it a day or +1-800-329-1074 night the experts are available anytime without any waiting queue.

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