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With this tremendous technology growth, we have earned many things that lead us to the next phase of growth in all aspects. However, we do not have reliable security to protect our critical business & personal data and information from others. To compensate for this, McAfee Help Number has announced database security solutions that provide real-time and reliable protection for business-critical databases.

This amazing solution also enables many companies to achieve much greater security management than ever. McAfee Customer Service Number has released many new database security solutions, which gives business of all sizes a complete threat protection. Therefore, it enables the companies to incorporate database security easily into their overall security program and obtain massive security management efficiency.

Protect the database from threats through McAfee Support Number:

If you are searching for a solution to protect your database from vulnerable threats, then using the McAfee antivirus protection and database security is the only way to do so. Our database security solution has been purely designed to protect the database from the internal, external, and intra-database threats. Our idea is to enable the customers to incorporate this finest database security solution easily into their existing overall security system/strategy. Based on the user reviews, this has an inbuilt security policy, support, and functionality. Overall, it is a perfect product for any sized business to ensure their database security.

Highlighting features of the McAfee Database Security:

McAfee’s unique and special approach to the database security avoids the major challenges, which prevent several organizations and companies from protecting their databases properly by providing key features. Here, we mentioned some features of the McAfee Database Security to let you know how it protects your database from an intruder.

Full visibility into databases vulnerabilities – It gives total insight into the data sensitivity, existence, and security posture of every database in the environment.

Compliance without downtime – Security updates can be available without the business disruption of taking any critical applications offline via McAfee virtual patching for databases.

Non-intrusive and real-time protection around all threat vectors – Solution needs no alteration to the existing database and network architecture because non-intrusive memory-based sensor renders reliable and better protection for databases from the unauthorized and malicious activity around all threat vectors.

McAfee Total ProtectionKnow more about McAfee Help Number:

McAfee support database security software is one of the best purchases for any kind of enterprise. This software includes McAfee vulnerability manager for the database, McAfee virtual patching for database and McAfee database activity monitoring. In addition to, it also comes with the solid user interface, numerous documentations, and easy to install & implement features. We describe the tool functionality as offering these five essential for database protection including discovery, assessment, prevention, monitoring, and compliance.

We can afford this software at the best price and it comes along with the year of support. Additionally, we can make use of the 24-hour support through chatting or calling. This software detects database malicious activities and fixes it quickly as it has a top-notch firewall. Performance and pricing of this solution are extremely attractive. This solution runs on the products such as Windows Server 2003 and backend database Microsoft SQL server 2005. It is also compatible with Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Teradata, and MySQL.

Additionally, it has several other functions including auditing, firewall, activity monitoring, IDS/IPS, scanning, and much more. It is a full-featured security product along with solid compliance support and reporting for the database environment. Most importantly, it features with built-in security policy and protects the user against any sort of vulnerabilities. It will also discover the level of the vulnerabilities of the user’s databases. Therefore, money that we are investing towards this database security solution is worthy.

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